WEEKLY TRAGEDY RECAP 2/6/17-2/12/17: Tornadoes, Dead Whales, and Nordstrom

Another week, another mess of tragedies for us to remind you of. Remember folks, if you know of a tragedy that we don’t know about please contact us, or tweet us, or even facebook us. Let us know about your tragedy, so we can tell everybody else about it.

Snow and wind continued to murder people last week. Donald Trump and his associates told more lies. And a bunch of dogs got poisoned.

This is our weekly recap.

Tuesday 2/7/17- Tornadoes struck New Orleans destroying hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of property in many of the neighborhoods that were once devastated by Hurricane Katrina.There have been no reported deaths.

This all begs the question; what did those neighborhoods do to piss God off so much?

The dog food company, Evanger’s was forced to recall all of their dog food after the euthanasia drug Pentobarbital was found in some of their food. Several dogs have been reported as getting ill from the food, while one has died.

You should always taste your dog’s food before feeding it to them folks.

Wednesday 2/8/17- Donald Trump continues to tweet.

Basically a store decided to stop selling some products and the President of the United States of America got angry about it.

Then his head advisor went on television and told people that they should buy those products.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz has suggested that Conway has committed an ethics violation by using her position to sell products.

Nordstrom has said that their decision to stop selling Ivanka’s line (which most people didn’t know existed until last week) is a financial one, not a political one.

Thursday 2/9/17- There was an accidental explosion at a nuclear facility in France. The explosion, which occurred in one of the reactor rooms at the facility, has been called “a significant technical event but… not a nuclear accident,” by an official representing the facility.

Yes, “significant technical events” count as tragedies as long as they happen at a nuclear facility.

Also, alleged racist Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the 84th Attorney General of the United States.

Friday 2/10/17- Whales are washing up on the shores of New Zealand like Natty Light cans at a college beach party.

At least 400 whales were found beached on the shores of a remote beach in New Zealand. The area is known as a “whale trap,” because whales have been known to become beached here in the past. Volunteers were able to save about 100 whales.


Thoughts, prayers and good vibes to our readership.