WEEKLY TRAGEDY RECAP 2/20/17-2/26/17: Biblical Floods, Shooting in Kansas, Plane Hits Mall

Lots to go over this week folks. The Tragedy Weekly staff have received a few messages of concern for our writers. Some of you fear that constantly focusing on negativity could be harmful for our mental health.

It is. Quite harmful.

Last week was unusually warm for a February. In fact, in dozens of cities throughout the United States it’s been the warmest February in history.


It was 74 degrees in Boston last week. The hottest it’s been in February Boston has seen since they started keeping records in 1872. Whether or not you see this as a tragedy depends on a few factors. For instance, if you are a scientist, you probably consider this tragic news.

Anyway… This is our weekly tragedy recap.

Tuesday 2/21/17- There continues to be a disturbingly high amount of bomb threats at jewish community centers this week. In the last month and a half there have been at least 70 recorded instances of bomb threats on jewish community centers.

Here is a recording of one of the threats from earlier in the month.

These threats started coming in around late January. It’s strange because I can’t for the life of me think of any major event that may correlate with this sudden influx of anti-semitism. 

Also on Tuesday; a plane crashed into a mall in Australia. The pilot and 4 American passengers were killed but no one inside the mall was injured.

Wednesday 2/22/17- San Jose California flooded forcing 14,000 people out of their homes. The rain started Tuesday and by Wednesday many homes were submerged.

The rain was suspected to stop this past weekend. Emergency responders and volunteers are currently working to make it possible for people to be able to return to their homes.

I wonder if this has anything to do with those record temperatures I mentioned earlier?

Also on Wednesday Some Piece Of Rancid Shit went into a bar and shot 3 men, killing 1 and wounding 2. The shooting was apparently racially motivated, as the deceased victim was an immigrant from India, employed as an engineer.

Here’s a recording of a frightened bartender telling 911 that some Fuckhole was in her bar bragging about shooting an engineer.

Did you know that the state of Kansas was literally founded by racists? Seriously. 

Friday 2/24/17- Friday kicked off a long weekend of terrible things happening.

For starters; a car bomb in Syria killed at least 51 people, most of which were civilians. Like most terrible things that happen, ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack.

Then, President Trump’s gum chewing (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Press Secretary announced that certain media outlets would be banned from White House press briefings. The banned organizations included CNN, the New York Times, Politico, BuzzFeed, and the majority of foreign press outlets.

Trump is not the first president to do something like this. Nixon banned the Washington Post after they exposed his criminal corruption. Obama also attempted to ban Fox News from a press briefing in 2009, but retaliation from other press outlets made him change his mind.

This is however the first time that whole swaths of reputable media outlets have been outright banned with little to no justification.

Saturday 2/25/17- Donald Trump announced, via his official outlet, that he will not be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner.

This makes him the first ever non-critically-wounded President to decline to attend the annual dinner.


Thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to our readership.