Weekly Tragedy Recap 1/9/17-1/16/17: Trump, Reno Freezes Over and Healthcare Goes Away

Tragedy Weekly is back after yet another hiatus. I know, your faith in us is shaken. But, by this point, so is your faith in the United States Government and the media at large. So we’re in good company.

Monday 1/9/17- The week started off with a series of weather related tragedies on the American West Coast. When you think of California and Nevada do you usually think of white-out conditions?

Probably not, but last week there were white out conditions in parts of Nevada and California, as well as flooding and mudslides.  The National Weather Service of Reno even issued a warning for black Ice on Monday.

The people of Reno, a delightfully sinful city in the middle of a desert, had to be careful of black ice last week. Just to reiterate.

Also, an iconic, thousand-year-old tree with a tunnel carved in it was knocked down by the storm.


This tree is dead now

Tuesday 1/10/17- Two bombs in Afghanistan killed at least 30 bystanders and injured at least 70. The Taliban are claiming responsibility, presumably because ISIS was otherwise occupied. (The Taliban is so 2006, amIright) .

This is the deadliest terrorist attack in the Middle-East since like 4 months ago.

Wednesday 1/11/17- President-Elect Donald Trump gave his first press conference since being “elected.” The conference went fairly normally, considering the circumstances. The main exception being the small shouting match that the future president got in with a member of the press.

Trump’s response probably had something to do with CNN’s coverage of a leaked “dossier” that alleges Trump was involved in some weird sex stuff in Russia.

In his defense though, I hear there’s not a lot to do in Russia.

Wednesday was also the day that the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the Rusty Patched Bumblebee is now endangered endangered.

So it was a rough week for nature.

Thursday 1/12/17- The senate began the long, hard, pulsating process of repealing The Affordable Care Act. The Senate voted 51 to 48 in favor of a new budget that will make it possible for the ACA to be repealed. It’s all very boring and potentially devastating to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Adding to the tragic nature of the news; some people don’t realize that “Obamacare,” which they hate, is the same as “The Affordable Care Act,” which they like.


The final tragedy we’ll leave you with for now:

Sunday 1/15/17- It came out that the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus will shut down after nearly 150 years of operation. This year saw such a dramatic drop in ticket sales the the “Greatest Show on Earth” announced it will no longer be holding performances starting in May.

Apparently kids today with their smart phones and Nintendo 64s are no longer entertained by watching frightened elephants performing tricks in order to avoid being beaten after the show.


After the official ending of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the late 90’s and early 2000’s sitcom Frasier will officially be designated as The Greatest Show on Earth, a designation that is a long time coming.

Thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to our readership.