Did you get the flu this week? Just getting over it? You’re not alone. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 15.4 flu-related hospitalizations per 100,000 people in the U.S this week.

The flu has reached epidemic levels this week. It has been reported in at least 37 states and at least 3 children died from the flu last week.

Among the flu sufferers were the entire staff of Tragedy Weekly. That’s why you didn’t see us at any of the marches. Also we deeply regret that we were not able to report on the Trump Inauguration, and since we missed it, we really hope it doesn’t turn out to be one of the defining tragedies of our time. Boy, would our faces be red.

The flu outbreak is the first of many tragedies last week.

This is our weekly recap.

Monday 1/23/17- The lord continued to wreak his holy vengeance upon the southern United States on Monday. There were 39 tornadoes in the last 2 weeks (mostly in Georgia) and there were at least 19 reported deaths from various storms throughout the south.

Tuesday 1/24/17-President Trump signed a metric-butt-ton of executive orders last week. Actually he signed 17 so far (check out this comprehensive list from Fox News). On Tuesday he signed one to help push forward the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The order, which is largely symbolic, basically allows the proposal for the pipeline to be resubmitted, after being rejected by the Obama administration.

If allowed to be built the pipeline would be hugely beneficial to a few people and investors in the oil industry and , and kind of beneficial to lower level oil workers, but drastically tragic for the world at large.

Wednesday 1/25/17- Another executive order was signed on Wednesday, this one involving Trump’s signature border wall proposal.

The Iowa Pipeline, a gas pipeline that goes through the Midwest Unites States, leaked over 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel into farmlands and watersheds on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday Mary Tyler-Moore, the comedic actress best known as the TV wife of Dick-Van-Dyke, and also as the star of her own groundbreaking television show, died at the age of 80.

(By the way, the reason so many legendary famous people are dying lately is because the advent of popular media happened about 50 years ago, and many of the iconic people from that time are very old now. The next 5 years or so will probably be the peak of famous people dying because of the fragmentation of popular media that started happening with cable TV and has only been made worse by the internet. So have some comfort in that.)

Thursday 1/26/17- Officials called off the search for survivors of a horrific hotel avalanche that killed 29 people, including at least 4 children, in Italy. The avalanche happened on the 20th, but it was 6 days later on Thursday that the search was called off and the official death toll was tallied up.

Also on Thursday the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists , a group dedicated to the study and education of atomic science, moved the minute hand on their Doomsday Clock.

The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic tool developed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to show “how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making.

A of Thursday it is two and a half minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock.

Friday 1/27/17- Another Trump Executive order banned travel to and from the United States for all citizens, even those with valid visas, from 7 middle eastern countries. This has led to numerous protests and airport delays.

If we missed any major tragedies that we really should have talked about, please tweet us, or email us.

Thoughts, prayers and good vibes to our readership.