Update: New York City Bombings

September 21, 2016 –

Things have gotten complicated with this whole New York City Bombing thing. It’s become one of those media blitz type deals. It’s like one of those things that news outlets seem to latch onto and talk about endlessly. Like that one time a football player didn’t stand up when everyone else was standing up.

So here’s an update post:

All this information is aggregated from other news sources. It is provided here as a convenient way to catch up on the latest all in one place. Please click the links to visit the original sources.

On Saturday September 17, 2016 a bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Twenty-nine people were injured in the blast, no one was killed and none of the injuries were reported as serious.

Not far from that explosion police found some suspicious stuff that looked an awful lot like a bomb. This bomb was handled by police and never detonated.

On the same day a bomb exploded in a garbage can in Seaside Park, New Jersey (about 30 miles from New York). Three more bombs were found in the vicinity. No one was hurt.

THEN on Sunday, another bomb, this time stuffed in a backpack, was found in New Jersey. Police sent a robot to disarm the bomb, and the bomb detonated destroying the robot, but no humans.

That’s what happened. Now here’s what happened after that:

New York police poured through surveillance footage and saw that the same man, Ass Brains, had been near both New York City bomb locations. Mr. Brains was found watching news footage on a laptop in the doorway of a bar in New Jersey. Because that’s the kind of thing a deranged lunatic does. He was arrested after a shoot-out with police. Police were injured in the shoot-out but there were no fatalities.

Police are pretty sure that Ass Brains is at least partially responsible for all of the bombs. They are also pretty sure that ISIS has something to do with it. At this point ISIS is just kind of a synonym for shitty people. Any time you hear ISIS just replace it in your mind with the term “shitty people.”

“Shitty people are suspected to be involved in the bombings”

“Shitty people have claimed responsibility for the terrible thing some asshole did.”

That sounds accurate. Right?

I’m done writing about this particular terrible thing. Hopefully they caught the terrible person and these terrible things stop happening.

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Thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to our readership.