Mosque Shooting in Canada of all Places

Last night 2 Pieces of Shit in Canada shot and killed 6 people during worship in a Quebec Mosque. Another 8 victims have been reported injured.

The suspects have been apprehended and are currently in custody.

This attack comes as a reminder that Canada is not necessarily the beacon of peace and hope that we might hope it is. Don’t get me wrong, Canada is doing a lot of things right. Their Prime-Minister is cool, for one. Whereas the President of the United States is a deranged sociopath.

Racism doesn’t know about national borders, and although things may seem bad in our own country, fleeing to Canada isn’t really a viable answer (unless you feel that you are in immediate danger, then do what you gotta do). Things aren’t perfect there. The difference is that Canadians are almost unanimously outraged that something like this could happen in their country. They are united against evil within their borders, instead of imagining that there’s an evil trying to to get in.

Thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to our readership.