Breaking: A Dog’s Purpose is Apparently Not Acting

TMZ has leaked a video of a German Sheppard allegedly being mistreated on the set of the upcoming film A Dog’s Purpose.

The film is apparently about a dog that gets reincarnated in order to make an aging man feel more fulfilled.

Although disturbing to watch, it’s not really a surprise that dogs don’t like being actors.

It’s even less surprising that filmmakers like to force animals to do stuff. Like the time a bunch of documentations pushed dozens of lemmings off a cliff; or the time several puppies died in the sacrifice of art for the direct to DVD film Snow Buddies.


Also (this isn’t related but is quite tragic) a Nigerian Jet mistakenly bombed a camp of displaced refugees on Tuesday. Initial reports had the death toll at about 53, but as of Wednesday night the count has reached at least 70, with some outlets reporting as much as 100.

The Nigerian Jet was intending to bomb a group of Boko Haram militants.

But yeah, probably don’t see that dog movie…

Thoughts, Prayers, and good vibes to our readership.